Sumatra 2500 500cc PCP

Air rifle with 6-shot magazine, adjustable cheek piece, ambidextrous supplied with filling valve, spare filling valve o-rings & spare magazine

R 13 000

Grizzly Gas Piston Airgun

5.5 mm with open sights. Fastest break barrel rigle worldwide. Changeable front sight, suitable for different light intensity & target shooting

R 2 600

Kral Puncher Breaker Bull Pump 5.5 Cal

Walnut, black cylinder & barrel, bullpup pcp 5.5mm 12-shot, adjustable power, 2 magazines with black silencer, scope not included, optional extra.

R 9 900

Kral Puncher One Green 5.5mm

Tactical stock, single shot, 3-9×40 factory supplied scope & picatinny mounts, carry case, 425 cc airgun cylinder offering in the region of 70+ shots per fill

R 9 900

P15 5.5 Cal Airgun

Bullpup, affordable, very accurate & powerful, versatile airgun

R 7 500

Evanix Rex .22 Cal

5.5mm powerful airgun. Fires a 34 grain bullet at 850 FTP second

R 11 000

Crosman M4 Multi

Crosman M4 Multi pump pellet and BB Rifle kit

R 1 850

Crosman UZI 4.5mm

Crosman UZI 4.5mm semi auto and full auto CO2 BB

R 2 950

Athermis Predator 4.5mm

HPA rifle bolt action magazine fed. Includes 1x 8 shot magazine

R 2 950

BSA Supersport 4.5mm

BSA GRT Supersport SE 4.5mm Gas Ram Technology

R 4 650

BSA Lightning SE 4.5mm

BSA Lightning SE 4.5mm Gas Ram Technology

R 3 900

Wehirauch HW30s 7.5j

Wehirauch HW30s 7.5j
Includes globe sight inserts

R 4 650

Walther LGU Underlever Air Rifle

Rotary piston, LGV technology, vibration reduction system, fixed barrel guarantees high precision

R 9 500

Kral Puncher Pro 5.5

PCP, Bolt action, 12 shot magazine fed. Includes 2x 12 shot magazines & a plastic carry case

R 1 200

Kral Puncher Tactical

NP-01. New from Kral. Tactical, very comfortable & well balanced airgun. Good value for money

R 8 000

Evanix Max

Semi auto & full auto. 30 shots per fill. High Power. Holographic & 2x 6 shot metal magazines included

R 2 700

Blank Guns

For self defence. Fires a 9mm blank round & a pepper blank effective up to 5 meters

R 4 000

Blank Guns

For self defence. Fires a 9mm blank round & a pepper blank effective up to 5 meters

R 3 600

Blank Guns

For self defence. Fires a 9mm blank round & a pepper blank effective up to 5 meters

R 3 300

Blank Guns

For self defence. Fires a 9mm blank round & a pepper blank effective up to 5 meters

R 2 100

Laser Scope

For tactical guns & pistols which uses a green laser for day & night

R 750


Mar Kool, Discovery, BSA & more brands

From R 200


Good quality pellets made in South Africa.  100 units in a pack

From R 200


Good quality pellets for various calibres

From R 100

Holographic Sight

3 sizes. Ideal for tactical rifles

R 660 - R 1 000

Holographic Sight

3 sizes ideal for tactical rifles

R 660 - R 1 000

Marauder 10 5.5mm

Marauder 10 5.5mm magazine

R 450

Cleaning Kit

Contains brushes for all calibre

R 400

Bipod for Fore Barrel Mounts

Entry Level Bipod. For brake nek airguns

R 300

Atlas Bipod for Picatinny Rails

One of the best bipods in the world. Extremely durable & stable

R 1 500

Carbon Fibre Air Cylinder

Filled to 300 bar. Ideal for the range. Very light, only 3kgs

R 4 750

Crosman CO2 Canisters

For CO2 pistols & guns. Also used for Airsoft

From R 9

Tactical Gun Bag

9.11 Tough, well padded gun bag. Waterproof liner for protection against rain

R 700

Camo Buffs

Ideal for hunting in winter & used for protection from the sun on hot days

From R 30

Camo Tape

10m cammo tape for the serious hunters who don’t want to be seen. Can cover up to 2 rifles

R 160

Bubble Levels

Bubble levels for picatinny rails & for scope mounts. Ideal for helping you shoot accurately

R 140

CP1 CO 2 Pistol

Ideal as a gift for kids. Comes with a magazine. Uses CO2 for the propellent. Very accurate pistol

R 1 400

Crosman Pdm9b

Crosman Dual Ammo CO2 hand gun blowback (metal slide) 420 FPS with BB, 400 FPS with pellets

From R 1 950

Crosman Pfam98

BB fully automatic hand gun. 400 FPS. 19 Round Spring Fed magazine. CO2 powered, Blowback, full metal frame & slide

From R 2 000

Airgun Targets

Steel knockdown targets. Resettable with included reducer.
Various animal silhouettes available

R 350

Airgun Targets

Target resets automatically. Made from mild steel & very durable. Custom targets also made for big bore

R 200 - R 350

Airgun Targets

Paper airgun targets which are used in competitions. Two different types available. Pack of 100

From R 95