ED Gun

ED gun leshly

EDgun Leshiy


ED gun leshly

EDgun Leshiy is a compact folding PCP-regulated airgun that is unlike anything on the market today.   Length 25 inches Weight 4-1/4 pounds Fill Pressure 300 BAR Operating Pressure 120-300 BAR Shot Count 13-24 Per Fill (depending on caliber)  All new EDgun Leshiy come with the new and revolutionary Edgun Digital Measuring Unit (EDMU) at no extra cost!

Edgun Matador R5M Walnut


Edgun Lelya

R30400 now R28000

All calibres in stock at this moment! Including the new 5,5mm…

The cult gun completely redesigned! Front cocking (double sided plus rolling in bearings), larger capacity, multishot… This Lelya .22 is bigger then the old one. In fact it’s a little Matador!

 scope is not included!



Here is Lelay 5.5

Length — 596 mm
Length from trigger to the end of the moderator — 190 mm
Height — 204 mm
Width — 60 mm
Weight — 2.9 kg
Caliber .177, .22, .25
Length of the barrel — 377 mm
Working pressure — 120 – 300 bar
The reservoir volume — 181 cm3
Cocking — front, two sides.
Safety — catch the hammer, two sides

.22 — JSB Heavy 18.1 grains 855 f/sec

Number of shots .22 — 40