Air gun tuning and modifications

Xtreme air guns regulators

Xtreme air guns now makes regulators for pcps air guns we don't have to wait for regulators to be imported from over seas any more

Air arms 510 TC regulated by Xtreme air guns

And numerous shops said that a Air Arms TC can not be regulated .This gun ended up at us thru frustration by our customer asking if we can fit a Xtreme regulator to his Air arms 510 TC we gladly accepted this challenge and look it was done with great sucses and we are very happy with the results 

500 cc bottle conversions to varies air guns for increased air capasity

Artemis pr 900 fitted withe 500 cc cylinder for increased shot count

CZ 200 s fitted with a 500 cc bottel and a xtreme regulator


Test 1                                               test 2 

High ;821 fts                                     high ; 789 fts         

low; 808 fts                                       low ; 776 fts

ES ;13 fts                                           ES ; 13 fts

SD ; 4 fts                                            SD ; 3 fts

shot count; 385                                shot count ; 405 


Kral puncher with fitted with a xtreme regulator

Before regulator fitted

After regulator fitted

High 957 fts
low 850 fts
shot down to 120 bar
ES 100 fts
over 21 shots

200 bar fill
High 885 fts
low 865 fts
ES 28 fts
SD 8 fts
over 21 shots
shot down to 120 bar

This is frankenstein our creation built from scrap parts

Frankie was a creation from different parts and manufacturers we had lying around and is the best gun in our collection

Breach :From a FX Ranchero pistol
barrel : Lothar Walther polygon barrel
Air tube :Artemis p15 titanium tube
Regulator :Artemis regulator set to 120 bar
Stock :Artemis break nek air gun
silencer : Xtreme air guns silencer